Bargoed bags go worldwide

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Bargoed Chamber of Trade’s initiative to provide their members customers’ with reusable bags has had a wider than expected appeal.

The linen bags available from members of the Bargoed Chamber of Trade were provided as a response to the demand for eco-friendly bags and to support Bargoed’s bid to become a fair-trade town.

Bargoed shopper Frank Cann was persuaded to part with his bag by a Masai tribesman while on a trip to Kenya. In return Mr Cann received a knob-kerri; one of its uses being as an eco friendly means of communication in the bush.

Pictured is the Masai tribesman with his new must have accessory and knob-kerri.

The Chamber would like pictures of the bag in unusual circumstances/places so please either send or email them to the Secretary.