Tuesday 31 December 1912

The Bargoed Journal was a weekly newspaper.

Copies for the years 1909 - 1913 and 1915 - 1917 are held at the Research Centre, Winding House, New Tredegar and at the National Library of Wales Aberystwyth.

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Details of the Emporium Clock which is to be supplied & erected by Gus Jones


The ordinary meeting of the Bargoed Chamber of Trade & Ratepayers Association was held at the Plasnewydd Hotel on Tuesday evening. Mr W Ebsworth Solicitor presiding over a good attendance which included the Secretary Mr Ewart H Phillips.

The Local Trades & Labour Council’s disappointment

The following letter was read from Mr Moses Price Gilfach the Secretary of Bargoed Trades & labour Council

“Dear sir I am instructed by the Bargoed & District Trades & Labour Council to write expressing their disappointment at the failure of the BCOT to agree to apply to the local authority for compulsory closing order under the Shops’ Act which order would in our opinion secure an earlier and more uniform closing of shops which would be a great benefit to those employed in the distributive trades. We hope that you will bring this matter before your Chamber with a view to reconsidering the whole matter at your earliest convenience. Trusting that you will bring about this much needed and overdue reform which we believe will benefit the employer as much if not more so than the employed”

The Chairman in the course of the discussion that followed pointed out that the failure had been on the part of the Chamber but on the part of a public meeting. Whether there was any praise or obloquy attached to the matter the Chamber had no responsibility for the resolution as the public meeting was represented by all classes of people. The Chairman added that it was the feeling of the Chamber not to agree to any compulsory order.
Mr Price suggested that the letter be allowed to lie on the table but it was eventually decided to reply to the to the Trades Council pointing out to them that the Chamber of Trade was not responsible for the resolution referred to.

Railway facilities

A letter was read from Mr W A Jacobs, secretary of the Rhymney Chamber of Trade stating that the Chamber had under discussion the desirability of having increased train service especially having an additional train from Hengoed to Cardiff on Thursday. They desired the cooperation of the BCOT in making representation to the Railway Co.
It was decided to reply stating that the BCOT had already sent a deputation to the General Manager at Cardiff but had been unable to see him.

Rating Matters

Discussion arose on the question of the proper rating on small shops in dwelling houses and it was decided to send a letter on the matter to the Assistant Overseer for Gelligaer, Councillor Gus Jones agreeing to do all he could to get information on the matter.
On the motion of Mr Gus Jones a resolution was passed expressing the opinion of the Chamber that Parliament should move in about bringing about the proper rating of shops on wheels.

County Court

Discussion took place with regards to the efforts to get a County Court established in the Rhymney V alley and letters from three registrars were read by the secretary. It was apparent, however, from the letters received that so far the efforts of the Chamber had not borne fruit.

Mr Davies the Emporium, suggested that the only thing that they could do would be to communicate further with Mr Clement Edwards MP who had asked for information on the matter by the time he came to Bargoed next. He had not yet been to Bargoed.
Mr Yowerth then moved that they write to Mr Edwards & Councillor Gus Jones seconded. The resolution was carried.

The monthly meeting of the Chamber of Trade was held at the Plasnewydd Hotel on Wednesday Evening.

Mr John Evans the Chairman was supported by Mr Hubert Phillips secretary and a large attendance.

Long report so matters discussed:

Letter from Rhymney & Aber Gas and Water Co reducing the price of gas from 4s 6d to 4s 3d per 1000 and a substantial reduction in charges for the hire of gas meters. Motion from Mr Edward Lewis to seek a further reduction to 4s 0d.

Secretary went with rep from Rhymney Chamber to interview Mr Prosser in reference to through trains to Cardiff. Intimated requests from Chambers would be granted.

Matter of Sunday trading in the town was considered in consequence of a letter from the local grocers assoc. Mr Edwards (fruiterer) said that unless something was done to stop the opening of the fruit shops he would certainly open himself. The chief objection was to some of the large shops in Hanbury Road.

County court still being discussed.

The question of the services of the Nurse at Gilfach being extended to Bargoed and it was decided to approach the Gilfach Committee to grant this. 


Property Auction Bargoed

47 Hanbury Road – withdrawn @ £875
48 Hanbury Road - Freehold business with 2 stall stables coach house & loft. Shop & house let @ £45pa. Withdrawn @ £900