Wednesday 31 December 1913

The Bargoed Journal was a weekly newspaper.

Copies for the years 1909 - 1913 and 1915 - 1917 are held at the Research Centre, Winding House, New Tredegar and at the National Library of Wales Aberystwyth.

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A meeting of the BCOT & Ratepayers Assoc was held @ the Plasnewydd Hotel Mr Wm Ebsworth presiding.

New Members – The Chamber balloted for new members and Mr Terry Williams was declared to be appointed.

Lack of Postal Facilities

The report of the deputation to the Cardiff Postal Master relating to the lack of postal facilities at Bargoed was given by the President & Mr D M Yorwerth and after several members had spoken the report was adopted without dissent, & a vote of thanks tendered to those who had waited on the Cardiff Postmaster.

Urban Council Election

Mr Gus Jones DC., replied to a letter from the Chamber to him to the effect that it would give him the greatest pleasure to stand for election again as the Chamber’s nominee.- It was resolved that the whole chamber should form itself into an election committee to further Mr Jones’s candidature. – Mr W Parrish Station Master Bargoed announced that an influential body had asked him t stand for the Urban Council and as far as he could see he was going to accept but he wished it to be clearly understood that he was not running against Mr Gus Jones he was merely a candidate for one of the two seats and he would be pleased to see Mr Jones secure one of them. Mr Parrish was thanked for his information.

On the motion of Mr W J Davies the annual subscription was reduced to the old figure of 3s & 6d by unanimous consent. The same gentleman made an excellent speech appealing to the Camber to do something to stimulate more enthusiasm into the work. He wished the small debt that they had incurred to be wiped off in some manner. It was resolved to hold a smoking concert at an early date.

1/5 1913

At the request of the President and Officials of the Bargoed Chamber of Trade the members and friends were invited to a grand smoking concert at the Plasnewydd Hotel on Wednesday evening.

The proceedings were of a harmonious character, special artiste being engaged for the occasion. Mr Wm Ebsworth presided and speeches were given by Messrs Gus Jones, D M Yorwerth, W J Davies, E D Price & W H Davies. All the speakers urged the members to take a more active inertest in the work of the Chamber and invited those present not members of the Chamber to join, extending the invitation to the townsmen generally. Mr Francis Gable ably presided at the piano and Mr D Jones gave several excellent performances on the banjo.


Mr W Ebsworth presided at the monthly meeting of the BCOT. There was not a large attendance.

County Court – abridged report. The president reported that several members of the deputation appointed to meet Mr Clement Edwards on the question of a county court for Bargoed.

Mr Edwards said that by then president was late but they saw Sir D Brynmawr Jones.

Sunday Trading The Secretary Mr Wart Phillips Mr Price Mr Rees and Mr W H Davies were appointed as delegates form the Chamber to a conference to be held at the YMCA Lecture Hall on Sunday afternoon next at 3pm , this being a campaign for the suppression of Sunday Trading.

{Postal Facilities It was decided to write to the Cardiff postmaster asking him if any further developments had taken place with regard to additional postal facilities for Bargoed.

General Holiday the Grocers association having fixed Thursday 26th June as the date of their annual outing, the Chamber passed a resolution expressing the hope that it was a general holiday on that dated. It was decided to send a copy of the resolution to the Shop Assistants Union (Bargoed Branch).

The matter of the County Court was again referred to, and it was decided that the various Chambers be written to, asking for their co-operation and whether they would be prepared to send delegates to a conference of the local chambers.



New Hotel for Bargoed

Monopoly Value Fixed at £4500

Mr Frank Gaskell (instructed by Mr T J Thomas, Bargoed) applied for a new licence on behalf of the proposed new Capel Hotel, Bargoed to be held by Mr Jenkin Morgan the present licensee of the McDonnell Hotel, Bargoed. Mr St. John Francis-Williams (instructed by Mr C Goodfellow opposed on behalf of Messrs Crosswells the owners of the Gwerthonor Hotel.
Mr Gaskell called evidence showing that there were licensed houses, or).12 each to a population of 2,770.
Mr St John Francis-Williams submitted that if the committee had decided against the proposed Royal Hotel, the objection against the Capel Hotel were much stronger.
The application was granted and the monopoly value was fixed at £4500 the amount to be paid at once.