Saturday 12 December 1914

President E D Price, Secretary E Phillips and Treasurer S Winstone, Vice Presidents Rev D Leyshon Evans CC, Iorwerth Clark (Accountant) and W Ebsworth (Solicitor).
The officers for the ensuing years were elected -- Evan Isaac Phillips elected President, Secretary and Treasurer reelected.
Vice Presidents W J Davies, H Evans and G Davies

Apart from the elections the other business reported was:-
1. objections of some traders (not the grocers) to closing hours proposed by Gelligaer Urban District Council.
2. possibility of recognition of Edward Lewis -- retired after 24 years Postmaster -- to be put on agenda for next meeting.

Many thanks to Annie Owen of the Gelligaer Historical Society http://www.gelligaerhistoricalsociety.co.uk/homepage.htm  who provided the article and thinks that E I Phillips may have been an auctioneer but doesn't have any clues about the identity of the others (although wonders if G Davies was G W Davies of the Emporium?)